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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 28, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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ahead at the super bowl, the chicken wing market got tighter. analysts have been saying a shortage of chicken wings is pushing up prices as demand jumps for super bowl parts. a couple in georgia says they tried to take advantage of the market. police outside atlanta say the two suspects stole 65,000 worth of wings from the company where they work. cops say they backed up a rental truck and loaded ten pal lets of wings. so far, no sign of the missing wings although they have been arrested. so, note of caution as the super bowl approaches. fraser...i am still concerned about sea breezy. >> he is my man. >> could he fix his problems? >> no, he will not acknowledge his problem and he will not
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acknowledge the problem until someone tells him in hollywood, yo a problem and you have to clean it up. so he will not listen to someone like me but he should. >>shepard: i am confident he is not listening now until something is horribly wrong with the cable service. the dow is up, rather, down 13.90. see you tonight at 7:00 eastern, all right? >> the immigration push is on today, to push back. hello, everyone this is "your world." eight lawmakers, four democrats, four republicans, today, calling for a path to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants living in this country. the plan calls for verifying our %-tracking of people entering te country, and ensuring a new system that employers do not
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hire illegals. this as presidena heads to las vegas tomorrow to make his own immigration push. now, to the guy at the center the immigration story, arizona republiian senator john mccain, bump the -- one of the eight senators. important guy. important day. you rolled out the pla a day in front of president obama's plan. some in the g.o.p. say this sounds like a blanket amnesty. >> i was also encouraged that speaker boehner said we have to have a comprehensive immigration reform passed with 11 million people living in the shadows of america. many of them have been here for over 10 years. a precondition, that is to secure the borders. our borders are more secure but
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in arizona, that border is a major drug trafficking route for the drug cartels bringing drugs into the united states so we have to use lot of high-tech and drones and get the border securee that must be done. then we have to move on with this issue. >> senator, an hour ago, senator schumer and yourself talked about what you need do to get this pointed and you say securing the border isber one. is that realistic? we have been trying to do it for 150 or 200 years. >>guest: with the advent of high-tech eqqipment such as drones, we are perfy capable of it. a big problem on southwest border it is so unbearably hot in the summer it isery difficclt for our men and women
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to perform efficiently we will have to move to technology. i am confident and arizona has two sectors, tucson and yuma border is for l intents and purposes, operaally secure, muchifficult in the oer sector but it can be done >> sir, will they just find another seccion of the cry such as texas, or new mexico, or california? there is so much video on the international where you see drug dealers walking back-and-forth on a daily basis, are we realistic to think we can secure that border before we put the other plans in action that you outline? >> is it not realistic to think at a nation such as hours uld notecure our borders? is that not realistic?
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of course can secure our bordersand we have toddress those would overstay a visa and those who come in and overstay the perio of time they are there. and other as expects but to think that we are going to have a situation where drugs can floo frly over the border is something i don't think most of ourtizens would agree do.
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sawe the borders secured. what are the requirements for the 11 mllegals in the country now? what d need to do to get a path? >> they have to pay back tax and have a noncriminal record. they hto be able to understand and study history. they have to get in line behind everrone else. they will be grantedded legal stall us but they get behind everyone else who has waited legally for green card status. >> and military service? anyone think about requiring a year or two of military service? >> if the military could use people for a y or two could be in ou minute enlistment is four but there is a proposal one dream act to acrate their path, the young people who are brought here at children by parents that military service and schooling could be part of it and high-tech, those would graduate with ph.d.'s and others in the high technology, wet a way to keepm in the united states. >> senator schumer pointed out @%u like to get g right away, and he said maybe day one we can moveas soon as its rough the senate and passes
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the house. my concern sir, tell me where i am wrong, i happensthat quickly, will we have a flood of illegals coming across the border to beat the clock saying ive to get there, and then i can say. >> i amee can set a date anyone that s after is not eligible. i am sure we >> senator, thank yo for joining us. >> tonight on fox business, lamar smith isasting the senate plan called nothing more than amnesty at 8:00 p.m. stern fbn. monica crowley, guess what, she is no fan, either. you say we we have anything in the intervieth senator john mccain, hat did you hear? at isur take y that eight senators -- >> we have a path to citizenship end of story.immigration. look, youn talk senator
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john mccainnd others, but when but look the at politics of this, whate see are two political parties are sort of desperately trying to get through for very different reasons. romney only got 29 percent. e democrats areg to lock in the that danny ot a anent democratting rity and the republicans this and they are freaking out saying, we have to do something.
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the government willr not do that. whhey argue that yes, we are setting out a new setf enforcement, dronn the borderand allow the illegal to have a path to citizenship settin probationary pe, they have to go throughcc ground checks and payeir back xes, allf that sounds reasonable, but, the problem is we are a couf laws, not o are we now inviting a new wave, a new wave of illegals to come into theuntry? we have one example, o model for this, and thisis 1986. conservative, sign int an amnesty act a iiately it made all of the illegal immigrants oe coy
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citizens l t what we saw aftwo things: we anrein the flood of illegals into theuntry because they fid t wou get the same treatment, a two, the republica party saw not an ie among latinos support fo the republica rty,ut,an all decrease. so, not sure the ulation. here have been coup of republican initiatives that he to s the stylegals whore rae in 1996, and all predic one borderrand we hve proven we >>peer cannot stay a r bowl if we cannotupport rrs. is iwhat do dou?? patr >> as robert frost said, good fencesmakegooighbors. we have examples of fenc being built in california and herlaces.
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the fact omattera lost pelking abou gs, these are people who buy hoy >> charles, the left iying ese jobs, he th ot wantus e tlow payincitizensi
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he seriousaws restrihe ess and availability of assaultwwapons and magazine clipp that are not nece hunters and sportsmenand those who are responsiblen o >> presidebama taking aim at assault weapons meing with thopps but fes on legal weapons guest wants him to focus on the ilegal >> what do you mean? >> 1,400 shhotings in new york. only three were assault w ec.sed to a cop, i was a thllegeapons killing pple new york and detr and chicago. that is wh we hao work at. w we go tostop and
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frisk the aclu jumping up-and-n. why? there is a wave doing it, people hasllegal gun, yo oss them, say thank you,e have a lot you down, i'morry, friendat d you leave with a smile your face. iwo rathhr buy a gun, the buy backsp it
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my husband saw the utility truck pulled up and said they are here, and they will try to install and i said i would be right there but at time i was a friend's where cbs to chicago and my friend and colleague saw this, and they followed me to the home and i discussed with the installers and i said i was not permit this. they called the police. the police came and they said that they had the right to be there and they needed to install and i said i do not consent to the installation of a smart meter and i decided to retain my meter on the property. >> let me ask you, so our audience understands what is your objection to installing the smart meter? >> well, i have, there are five
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primary issues our organization, smart meter awareness has opposed the issue. >> give me one, two, three. what? >> privacy. security. property damages. health. and also cost effectiveness. >> so, tell me, how would it invade your privacy. an example. give me a way that it invades your privacy. ought meters are digital recorded and wirelessly transmit electron usage data back to the utility during the day. that data is recorded in what the city has defined as 15 minute increment information where is at least according to the congressional research service, that has created a report which shows clearly that information can show when people are hoax. >> that is invasion of privacy. the bad guys are getting the
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information on when you, your patterns. what about cost? what if it saves you money. >> actually, the only way anyone can save money is by changing your personal behavior patterns. if i choose to use my electricity less then i can conserve energy. the city was -- the city is trying to say this will conserve energy by giving them more information so they can try and decide whether they will use electricity. >> let me read a statement, we contacted the electric company. they said, our utility has had the legal authority to select equipment that fulfills the mission of providing electric service to customers. is this a competitor you could sign up with if you do not use their power? >> not in this city. it is monopoly in this community. i can try to go to con-ed but they don't serve.
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>> thank you, jennifer. do these homeowners have a case? guys, tamara, so, i can see where homeowners are very, very concerned if you show certain times a day, the power usage is higher, it has to be that someone is home and when it drops, i am a bad guy and i know when to problem the house. >> i don't think it is necessarily a bad guy look at behavior but it is the fact as she said, your guest, the patterns are, rather, they are reviewed every, four different values every 15 minutes. four different values. it is not just bad guys that are looking but a pattern the city is were watching. they are coming on to people's property, breaking looks to enter people's homes to install this equipment. it is absolutely an invasion of
1:30 pm
property. >> and tamara says it is not just bad guys, but it could be bad guys. with know how bad guys have access to our information and it is not too hard to hack into a wireless signature anna-sigga -- signal? >> that is not the winning legal issue, the winning legal issue for the homeowner is there a growing body of medical study that says the smart technology beared on wireless, causes, emits radiation and the homeowners whenever the radiation going in the home, and the homeowners rather than causing themselves to be subject to arrest should have final addry strengthing order against the city and cited some of the health data to protect themselves and maybe avoided this situation. >> file a 20-page restraining order. i agree, there is an issue of health concern, but, really,
1:31 pm
this is a matter of privacy. to monitor every 15 minutes, where someone is? >> you will not win a restraining order if you cite privacy interest. it has to be imminent harm. if there is enough information presented they would have had a better legal position. right now they do not have a good legal position. the city has the right to maintain and install equipment on their premises, and that right can be taken away. when the homeowners interfere,alliedly --. at the right to be taken away? you cannot have the right taken away. >> that is not what i am saying. >> people can opt out of this, they can choose another option. but, this is not what the community has allowed. any are not allowing this. >> no, no, no, no, no, no, no, that is not true. >> listen, i know a thing or two about electricity transport and
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use. there are thousands of ways to get power from another power company through the system, through the grid and into their homes. do they have a legal way to sue, so they can get power from somewhere else do their home? tamara? >> absolutely. the federal law actually says people can opt out and they can choose another utility company. >> you heard from the homeowner, she can opt out but there is an opt out provision built in with the city and they could pay an extra fee of $25 a month and $68 installation and choose to opt out. >> thank you both. >> we are keeping a close eye on that powerful ice storm moving east from slickry roads to canceled flights. we have the very latest up ahead. as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%.
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time across the gulf coast toward mississippi river valley and ohio river valley. now, first of all what we are dealing with across the northeast, we have a rain and a mix of freezing rain or sleet across the new york city area north of that is mainly a snow event and south of that is where we are getting the rainy weather. the temperature is on the rise. there is our winter mix headed into this evening, mainly snow for northern new england and it will clear out. watch the temperature rise because new york by wednesday, we will push the 60-degree mark. that is going to mean the threat for severe weather for a good part of the nation. so, tomorrow, the highs will be record-setting highs in a lot of the cities, 74 for dallas, 83 in san antonio, 77 in new orleans, 72 in atlanta. this is going to be a very spring-like scenario as we head through the next 24 to 48 hours because we are dealing with a cold front and will clash with very warm unstable air mass and that will give us the threat for
1:38 pm
hail, damaging wind, and even isolated tornadoes. as we go through the day on wednesday, this time tomorrow afternoon, we could be dealing with tornado watches and tornado warnings and by wednesday, the front continues to press east across the southeast and toward the mid-atlantic. the storm prediction officer has issued a rare moderate risk area for january to see several tornadoes. that is a rare event in this area shaded in red across the area shaded in yellow is where we could see hail and damaging wind and iso and a big chunk of real estate here, at least 12 states affected by severe weather and we could have a severe weather outbreak this time tomorrow into the overnight and that will continue on wednesday, eric, as the storm continues to move east across the southeast toward the mid-atlantic. a busy next several days in the fox weather center as the next storm system exits, a new one moves in, the mississippi river valley and the tennessee river valley and ohio river valley
1:39 pm
where we could deal with tornadoes. rare severe weather outbreak tomorrow at this time. back to you. >> thank you. less than an hour away from a vote on a $50 billion aid package that will pass the senate tonight but if it does not muster with my next guest. $50 billion. what issues do you have? >> not the issue i have but the issue that it wipes out all of the new revenue of president obama's pass tax increase. the tax deal that was just done on the fiscal cliff was supposed to solve or help with revenue but in the first year sandy wipes out the savings in in 2013 and undercovers how difficult it is to work on the debt it
1:40 pm
defines tax-and-spend. >> both agree this is money well spent negotiation? >> sure, but the issue is, do you add it to the deficit in door you go ahead and find offsets? there are a lot of things that folks have problems with. one is that the a lot of the spending did not happen until 2013 and in the future. there was an argument that okay, we will take care of the emergency needs in the next year and a half and declare those an emergency and allow that to go under the deficit but money spent after 2014, make that compete in the regular budget process with all the other money so that way you find offsets or lesser programs if we have to spend. so the question is not, do you spend the up. the question is, do you borrow from the future to spend the money or do you find other ways to take care of it? >> what do you think? some say there are so many things that go directly to the bottom line, to the deficit, to
1:41 pm
the national debt, why would you want to use emergency aid to have to answer to a higher calling? >> well, the question, should everything answer to that same calling, the bolt only line of where we are on deficit and debt. budgeting is about priorities and and setting levels, the amount of revenue you have and how much you can spend and defining, well, we have this revenue, where does it go? that is the issue. in this case, when you do not offset you are not prioritizing but saying we will take it from ourselves in the future and make them prioritize. the issue is prioritize now or take it from the future. >> is it a bad idea to prioritize using pay for's for everyone but on emergency aid, people in alabama or people in florida or people in new jersey and new york need help, get them help quickly and not worry about
1:42 pm
offsets? >> a good argument. most senators, lawmakers would say if that were the only thing we were doing that with, that is fine, because it really is truly one time emergency needs. the issue is, we always seem to have these things pop up. we came through with the fiscal cliff deal which gave us new revenue and the first thing we do is we spend more than that savings. that is how washington, dc, always works. if it is just the one time thing, it would not be an issue. >> thank you, steve, from "washington times." critics ripping this interview as "soft" but is that hard to believe? watch. ♪
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>> what do you think is the biggest foreign policy success? the 2008 campaign was a tough and bit are race and i will spare you reading some of the things that you said about each other. but, how long did it take to get over that? >> it didn't take long for credit ins rip the joint interview with president obama and secretary of state, hillary clinton, conservatives and liberals alike calling the interview "soft." but we should not be in the least bit surprised. i was surprised. i waited for it in anticipation. here is what i got. a softball, an air ball, i got a marshmellow, i didn't see hard-hitting questions. i got to be surprised. give me one. >> no, this his history, this is why we report a report called
1:47 pm
"syrupy minutes" with the democrats this is what they do. with mitt romney in the last election cycle, they were hounding him about why no five sons when in the military. this is not a question they have asked president obama why he didn't go in the military. so, this is the same show that broke abu grab or tried to destroy bush with fake national guard records and put these two people on and this morning an abc they said "love fest." they were obvious right from the beginning with the reporter saying, mr. president this is your idea, so, obviously, he called cbs and says i want this interview, make it soft, and he says yes, sir. >> the mainstream media is like the media wing of white house. president obama over the weekend told a magazine that everything
1:48 pm
has been going great, i have the democrats in line and the weak problems in line and the media if line if i could get fox news and rush limbaugh in line everything would be great in word. >> well obama is always unsatisfied that anyone has a disagreeable word to say about him. that is not what he is used to. he is not used to people challenging him. look at the way that everyone reacted with the n.r.a. ad when they said president obama's daughters have armed guards. that is fact. people went nuts because they love him so deemly in the media world they cannot possible question him. so, they come out this morning on cbs this morning, the political director who writes about how obama needs to strangle the republicans, came on and said, this interview, you know, this was a good way after the tough hearing on benghazi, a good way, a good image for hillary clinton to end the tenure with. that is their job, to be a
1:49 pm
cleanser for her career? >> thank you, there were recommendations by dickerson he should go after the g.o.p. and pulverize, he said, and in the interview we even had cbs sunday morning with a law professor talking about throwing out the constitution, forget, it doesn't need to be used. i thought there would be a hard question when he said, well, to hillary clinton, you had a tough time on the hill, and i thought he was going after her and he asked questions but learn do how he phraseed it. >> you had a long day, also, how is your health? >> how is your health? >> that's the question we get when we want to know what is going on with benghazi? how is your health? soft because? >> the objective before we ask you anything, substantive, build
1:50 pm
up your personal sympathy, that is very on purpose. they did that to say, feel sorry for her, she has a concussion, and when they say i was a very long day for you, well, how about the people who were questioning her. they knew everyone with a camera and a microphone would beat them over the head. it was a long people for those days but no one feels sorry for them. the next question is, do you feel guilty that somebody died? you -- that is a question a six-year old would ask. it is embarrassing. it is honestly embarrassing. he ought to hand in his journalism card if there was such a thing. >> i don't disagree. thank you, sir. >> bailed out and now outsold.
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1:54 pm
>> g.m. is back and number one. >> three years later, g.m. is number one, again, and american auto has come roaring back. >> that was then. this is now. toyota outselling the bailed out automaker taking over the number one spot in global sales, market watcher is not surprised. tell us, sir, g.m. was number one, and it was for a little while, but they still owe us a lot of money. >> there is an insinuation because they were number one at one point in time or another point in time this was a good deal for taxpayers. this is not a good deal for taxpayers. taxpayers are not going do get
1:55 pm
the money back and, in fact, the government is losing money on that investment. you have to get a market evaluation of twice where g.m. shares are trading today for the government just to break even on their taxpayer dollars on the g.m. invest president so they can talk about whether g.m. is number one or not using taxpayer dollars to get there but what they are not talking about whether this should have been done this way. we have a process for bailing out companies, we have a process for bankrupting companies. we are bailing o way too many companies and we are fault allowing enough companies to go bankrupt. >> allow me to jump in. if we let g.m. go bankrupt there could have been another car company that bought g.m. and it would be a chapter 11 restructuring, and there would be hard times but likely they would be in the same place. they may not have lost, we may not be out $20 billion is that what you are saying? >> exactly. how ironic the government will not allow us town vest in our
1:56 pm
social security program but they will take our taxpayers and invest if failed companies like solyndra or at their whim into a company that is galing like general motors. there was an insinuation if we let general motors go bankrupt and they shut down all the factories and all the wheels would stop turning, but it doesn't happen in the ail industry. the airlines are still operating. american airlines right here where i am add, they are still operating. it is a natural process this is what happens in capitalism. you with, stronger because of it. maybe we should have bailed out amtrak. >> for has been quiet going about their business making good and strong cars and where are they in all of this? are they saying, okay --. >> they could have stepped in at some point and picked up assets from chrysler, picked up assets from general motors and operated
1:57 pm
them more ever accomplish because -- them more etch efficiently. i am not wishing g.m. does poorly. but the government needs to get out of the businesses bailing out somebody for political gain and that is what this was, they avoided a normal legal press and used taxpayers and we are all losing taxpayer dollars because of it. >> talk to us quickly about the bondholders in g.m. >> they skirted the rules of lieu. they supposed to be first in line when you go do bankruptcy. you take the bondholders and neuter their process, a future bond buyer will not buy the bond so it disrupts the entire capitalist process. >> thank you, sir. we will leave it try there. that does it from here. 8:00 p.m. on fox business network reaction from texas republican and my interview with senator john mccain, and a
1:58 pm
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